My Relationship with My Body

In the past, I have made weight-related jokes about myself, and others. I'm not proud of that at all, but I want to be completely honest about that from the start. Now, I don't make any form of comment or joke about another person's body because: 1) it is none of my business what they… Continue reading My Relationship with My Body

2018 Goals

For years, I would always set myself resolutions that I wouldn't accomplish. They would always be 'goals' like: drop two dress sizes, lose at least 1 stone in weight, get a flat stomach. As I've got older, I realised a few things about how unhealthy those resolutions were. Firstly, all of those are unlikely to occur within… Continue reading 2018 Goals

Autumn Favourites 2017

I'm actually continuing with a series. I remembered. This is a moment for celebration. So, if you read my Summer Favourites post then you will be familiar with the layout of these posts. Anyway, let's get into what I loved over the autumn months. Music I haven't really been listening to any artist, or album,… Continue reading Autumn Favourites 2017

My Life in Albums

Music has innate ability to transport you back, to different points in your life, that a particular song/album/artist makes you remember. To give you some context, I'm spending my weekend holed up in my house, getting through assignments and clothes washing. For that reason, I've been listening to some albums that I haven't played in… Continue reading My Life in Albums

Mental Health and Me | World Mental Health Day 2017

I have talked about mental health on my blog, those posts are easy to access by scrolling down my home page. Mental health is a topic that I could talk about until I turned blue in the face.   Mental health has been part of my life for much longer than I ever knew. Anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic… Continue reading Mental Health and Me | World Mental Health Day 2017

Why I Stayed In The UK

Let me set the scene. It is 2008, I'm 11 years old, and for the past four years I had been regularly going to Turkey on holiday with my mum, sister, and mum's fiancé (as they are no longer together, for the sake of this post, and so I don't have to keep copy-and-pasting the… Continue reading Why I Stayed In The UK

Summer Favourites 2017

On an old blog of mine, I used to write monthly favourites posts. However, I wouldn't have enough new things to make the content any good, but I really enjoyed writing them. Now I want to do it a little differently. Instead of small monthly posts, At the end of each season, I'm going to… Continue reading Summer Favourites 2017

University / Freshers Advice

Get a cup of tea, sit down somewhere comfortable, because if you are heading off to university in September, you're going to want to read this. I have just finished my second year of my degree, and I am going to pass on some advice on getting through your first term of university. We are… Continue reading University / Freshers Advice

Bisexuality Q+A

As I have said in previous bisexuality-themed posts, my main aim is to answer questions about bisexuality, and help people to understand bisexuality. I reached out to Twitter for anyone to send me any questions they had regarding bisexuality. So, let's answer some questions.   Q: I always wondered if sometimes society would make you… Continue reading Bisexuality Q+A